Finding the Light

Well darkness has a hunger that’s insatiable
And lightness has a call that’s hard to hear.
—The Indigo Girls,
Closer to Fine

Hi Crazy Beautiful Reader:

Sundays ALWAYS challenge my psyche. All of the things I might have accomplished during the week—more writing, more reading, more learning, more meditating, more yoga—slip away from possibility. I struggle to relax and to accept myself as anything but hopelessly flawed. I wonder why I can’t find the energy to do my laundry.

Depressive thoughts dig ruts in the pathways of our minds so that negativity flows with ease. Positivity, lightness, does indeed have a “call that’s hard to hear."

To move towards the light, we have to reject the voice in our head that tells us we are not enough. We have to seek an alternative route. We have to carve out space to let the light in. For me, this means yoga. This means staying off of social media. This means making time for friendships and family.

Remember: There will always be something else to achieve in life. Something else to accomplish. Someone else who has more than you. But what matters is what you have, what you’ve done, who you are.

In yoga class, my teacher often reminds us to stop looking at everyone else in the room. This is your practice, he will say. When I started yoga, I couldn’t come close to touching my toes. Now, once I’m warmed up, my fingers graze the floor. It’s an accomplishment no less significant than the woman on the mat beside me who can fold over her legs and press her chest into her thighs. We’re both reaching from where we were to where we are.

Wishing you lightness and ease this week.